Olympic Madness!

As we approach this year’s Summer Olympics closing ceremony, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how lucky you humans are to have such a wonderful tradition.  In The Deep, we have our version of the Olympics, but it’s limited to watersports and, frankly, we don’t get the same worldwide participation that you land-based creatures do.  I guess it’s just too far to travel, especially for the little fellas like Marvella the Magnificent here (shown winning a footrace against Nigel back in 2009):

 (photo by David Doubilet, used with permission)

Also, it can be pretty hard to see in The Deep (given the lack of sunlight), so as spectator sports go, we’re limited to bioluminescent competitors.  This was our 2010 Water Javelin gold medalist, Ksimu:

Ksimu (photo courtesy NOAA) 

 Some of the shallow-water folks host some good Games, though!  Heck, even when they’re not officially competing on the water-world stage, the dolphin, shark, and whale synchronized swimming teams are amazing to watch.  (I get to check them out now and then as I de-pressurize on my visits to the surface.)  In fact, the Bottle-Nosed Dolphins’ first queen, Beverly, was the one to bring back word of your Olympics in 1896 or ’97, not long after the first Games were held in Athens.  (Her pod summered off of Mesagros until the shipping lanes got too dangerous.)  The dolphins have been perfecting their synchro jumps and accompanying songs ever since.  Really, they’re unbeatable.

 So the point of all this is to say, “Gosh darn it, you humans are great!”  (See?  I said I like people.)  What a great idea, to put together some international détente for a couple of weeks and take some time to honor the amazing things that you can do.  Really nice.  I wish I could shrink down to less-than-building size, come into a bunch of money, and actually attend one.  But until that happens, I guess I’ll just wait for the next coastline Olympics and watch from a safe distance.  If you hear my scream floating in across the water, it’s out of joy!

PS:  My beloved GroomZilla will roll his eyes at this, but… Ryan Lochte.  *sigh*


About bridezillaspeaks

Bridezilla is a happily married, aquatic-based reptile who pops up from The Deep now and then to comment on topics as varied as: marriage and friendship; Concepts of The Other in Contemporary American Life; delicious foods (rarely sushi); bridal fashion; fitness and exercise; the perils of family attachments; and more.
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