Gratitude Wins!

So last year was a hard year, friendZillas!  We finally did move and settled into our new cave, got to know some neighbors, and are finally feeling “at home” in our new life.  But you know what?  Change is hard!  I forgot.  I forgot how hard it can be to adjust to new routines, new environments, old relationships in a new context… so there was good reason for me to be struggling last year.

The struggle lasted for several months after my last post, too – the move was stressful and it took me easily 6 months to really start to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Kind of amazing.  I expected it to be stressful, but now I know why my DocZilla tries to gauge my stress levels by asking, every year:

“Has anyone close to you died in the past year?”

“Have you or a loved one been seriously ill this year?”

“Have you changed jobs in the last year?”

“Have you MOVED in the last year?”

“Has there been stress in your marriage in the last year?”

These are the things that are the hardest for us Zillas to handle!  Just like they are for humans.  You might think DocZ. would ask me other questions, such as:

“How has your water quality been this past year?”

“Have you been eating enough cities this year to stay healthy and keep your teeth clean?”


“How’s your Zilla-esterol these days?”

…but no.  Moving, health, our jobs and our loved Zillas rule the roost.  So no wonder I was down!  I’m very happy to tell DocZ. this year that I haven’t lost any loved ones, everybody’s healthy, my job is stable and my marriage and my cave are both WONDERFUL.  It’s the simplest things in life that matter the most, and for all of them, I am grateful.


About bridezillaspeaks

Bridezilla is a happily married, aquatic-based reptile who pops up from The Deep now and then to comment on topics as varied as: marriage and friendship; Concepts of The Other in Contemporary American Life; delicious foods (rarely sushi); bridal fashion; fitness and exercise; the perils of family attachments; and more.
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