This morning, it began.  My dear friend Übermilf and I agreed to walk a mile each day this August.  Admittedly, this is harder for me than for her, since I must struggle against massive water resistance and she can lightly frolic in the clear blue air… but I have a powerful tail to help me, so we’ll call it even.

Ubie was the first of my friends to blog, and she inspires me.  You can find her blog here.  She is feisty, thoughtful, sardonic – all rolled up in a crunchy yet buttery-sweet shell.  It’s a wonder I haven’t eaten her all up yet.

So as I half-walked, half-swam my mile this morning, still half-asleep, I thought about Ubie and her blog.  I thought, and thought, and decided that, you know what?  Bridezilla can say things, too!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1)      I like people.

2)      Even when I don’t like people, I *want* to like people.

3)      People like me – as long as I’m dressed nicely and keeping my rawrs at a conversational level.

4)      I don’t like stomping on buildings and screaming fire at people who are afraid of me.  But sometimes, that’s who I have to be.  It’s hell on a pedicure.

And that, my new friends, is Bridezilla Speaking.


About bridezillaspeaks

Bridezilla is a happily married, aquatic-based reptile who pops up from The Deep now and then to comment on topics as varied as: marriage and friendship; Concepts of The Other in Contemporary American Life; delicious foods (rarely sushi); bridal fashion; fitness and exercise; the perils of family attachments; and more.
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2 Responses to Genesis

  1. ubermilf says:

    I haven’t taken my walk yet! Also, what color does Bridezilla paint her nails?

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